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    May I suggest that in addition to obedience training (which I consider essential); More importantly is the SD K9 able to improvise behavior, or offer behaviors that the dog himself chooses to match what he understands about the social context (who, and what is going on in the room) in view of his mission. (Detect my low, and now other things).

    How do we get a dog to ‘disobey’ a down stay in order to politely alert?


    Hi Kevin,

    Yes that is called intelligent disobedience. If you train the scent work correctly and train the obedience correctly then you don’t ever have to train intelligent disobedience because the nature of it is that it is not a command, it is the dog thinking. If you train obedience using too forceful of methods or you never let the dog think in your training then the dog will likely not demonstrate intelligent disobedience, but if throughout training you give them opportunities to think for themselves then they will learn this on their own.

    Kevin Shuster

    Hello Libby;

    That is a brilliant response; thank you for clarifying the term. Intelligent Disobedience. OK good, Mo does that and Intelligent Disobedience has saved me more times than I’m comfortable admitting.

    Another helpful thing he does; that I never imagined; is sort of memorize the process of fixing (out of range) bG. He keeps me on track if that makes any sense. If I’m supposed to calibrate, via page or device warning, he knows all those sounds and glances at my kit and me and stomps, and licks his mustache, and won’t “relax”.

    That keeps returning my attention to him and he tells me I was in the middle of the process and didn’t finish.

    Am I beyond making sense at this point?


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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