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Kevin Shuster

Mo improvised the bow for a suspicious low, he will nudge for a more pronounced alert, and he’ll nudge first at the leg, then hand and If I’m still ignoring him he will nudge where it’s impossible to ignore him. If he is at “down stay under” like at hand therapy; whe will intelligently disobey by standing next to me and glancing at my kit, or nudging my pump or tubing etc.

I think I’m Okay with this method for the moment. If Mo feels the need to escalate he will readily use forpaws for communication or manipulation of objects or parts of people.

Libby’s alerts are so well thought out. I may have to change. But the night time low alert that we have worked so hard on now doesn’t happen since the new software for my Tandem pump. Now his main job is when on outings and in the car, and alerting to highs.